Used Ford Mustang Buying Guide

Used Ford Mustang Buying Guide

In a used Ford Mustang, all-American speed and style are always a given. No matter which powertrain is under the hood, the Mustang zooms through traffic with cool composure. As the nation's longest-standing four-seat muscle car, the sleek Mustang is an American icon. No one will miss you on the road, that's for sure. Before you start shopping, read our used buying guide to learn more about what your dealership has to offer.

Sixth Generation, 2015-Current


Comfort: The used Ford Mustang is stylish, inside and out. With their high-quality materials, modern Mustang cabins feel simply luxurious. Features like leather upholstery and chrome interior accents to add serious style to your ride.

Technology & Convenience: Depending on model year, you'll find two infotainment systems in this generation. Sync 3 is the latest model. It includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology, which display smartphone apps like Maps, iTunes, and more directly on the central touchscreen. The older MyFord Touch system supplies vital functions, including hands-free calling and music streaming.

Safety: With anti-lock brakes, stability and traction control, and a rearview camera in every single model, the fifth-generation Mustang is designed to boost safety in any driving conditions.

Performance: This generation of Mustang is like no other. For starters, it was the first to introduce a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This change combined sporty speed with wallet-friendly fuel economy. Like previous generations, this one also offers V6 and V8 engine options, but with more horsepower than ever before. The Mustang GT produces 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque for awesome acceleration. You also have the option between the six-speed automatic transmission or the manual six-speed.

Fifth Generation, 2005-2014


Comfort: The fifth generation's slick throwback style includes an old-school dual-hooded dash and a fastback roofline. Trendy details, like an instrument backlight that switches between white, blue, green, and orange, give the cabin a modern vibe.

Technology & Convenience: Depending on model year, you can find quite a range of entertainment options, from CD players to the MyFord Touch touchscreen interface.

Safety: Beginning in 2010, all of these muscle cars included anti-lock brakes, stability control, and traction control as standard equipment. Before that, this equipment was standard on V8 models and optional with the V6.

Performance: Equipped with the V8 engine, the fifth generation Ford Mustangs will put out 300 horses. In addition to all-out speed, these muscle cars give you the responsive handling and tight steering necessary for the all-around performance you're looking for.

What Drivers Love about the Used Ford Mustang

The used Ford Mustang caters to drivers who can't get enough speed and style. With its powerful V8 and thrifty turbocharged engine options, it's no wonder that this muscle car has such a devoted following. The Mustang delivers acceleration and speed on demand while the independent rear suspension in the sixth generation models blends muscle with a smooth, responsive ride.

What to Look for in Your Used Ford Mustang

Throughout recent generations, Ford has continued to improve the Mustang, enhancing cabin materials and on-road refinement. When you test-drive a sixth-generation model, the first thing you'll notice is its seamless blend of power and smoothness. Fifth-generation models also improved on their predecessors with noticeably better handling on winding paths or around sharp turns.

Used Ford Mustang Buyers Beware

For more than a decade now, the Mustang has been bringing its A-game. All of these used models are equipped with four-wheel disc brakes for a quick stop from high speeds. However, if you're shopping fifth-generation models, check the features list to make sure they include anti-lock brakes and stability and traction control. These important safety features help keep the Mustang from skidding over slick surfaces. Before 2010, came standard with the Mustang GT but were only optional in V6 versions.