Used Ford Fusion Buying Guide

Used Ford Fusion Buying Guide

The used Ford Fusion tops buyers' wish lists with its sporty performance, dependable build, and roomy cabin. Inside, the Fusion is particularly comfortable, appealing to commuters and families with its generous cushioning and leg room. When you hit the throttle, you'll get a swift response. You can also take advantage of the Fusion's sharp steering on winding highways. Because of its high-quality cabin and chassis, your Fusion will last far into the future.

Third Generation, 2013-Current


Comfort: This mid-size four-door sedan is perfect for families on the go, because there's plenty of space in both rows. And, depending on which model you find at the dealership, the Fusion may feature rich leather upholstery or heated seats for the ultimate commuter experience.

Technology & Convenience: The third-generation Fusion is perfect for smartphone addicts. You can use the Sync 3 or older MyFord Touch infotainment system to make hands-free calls. With the navigation app, your used Ford Fusion will even guide you to your next rendezvous.

Safety: All Fusions are home to anti-lock brakes, keeping you from skidding over rainy streets. You may also find high-tech driver aids, such as a rearview camera, to help you get a better handle on your surroundings.

Performance: The Fusion's spirited engines are quick to get up to speed, making highway commutes a stress-free experience. Steering is sharp, and driving enthusiasts will appreciate the way this sedan handles around corners and down winding roads.

Second Generation, 2010-2012


Comfort: These Fusions wrap you in style and comfort, with niceties like dual-zone automatic climate control and optional leather seating. Use the power front seats to find that perfect spot behind the wheel.

Technology & Convenience: The second generation offers a wide range of modern features to help you along your way. For example, navigation keeps you from getting lost. Sync voice controls mean you can call home without ever taking a hand off the wheel.

Safety: All models come with anti-skid features, such as anti-lock brakes and stability and traction control. You'll feel secure, even when bad weather strikes.

Performance: With more power than previous models, this Fusion delivers impressive speed. But it also saves money at the pump, earning up to 23 city/32 highway mpg.

What Drivers Love about the Used Ford Fusion

The used Ford Fusion is a savvy shopper's ideal ride. Not only will you get a great deal on a used model, but you'll also enjoy sporty driving dynamics. These include responsive handling and sharp steering to get you around tight corners with complete confidence. More than that, though, the Fusion offers impressive comfort for commuters, with a spacious, inviting cabin and supportive seating. Then there are the tech features, which make it easy to send a hands-free text or stream music from devices.

What to Look for in Your Used Ford Fusion

The current, third generation is the best pick for technophiles. These models come standard with modern voice controls, making it easy to access smartphone features, even if you're not in a position to take your hands off the wheel. If you plan to do a lot of driving in wet or snowy weather, look for the Fusion Titanium, which offers optional all-wheel drive to increase traction on slick surfaces.

Used Ford Fusion Buyers Beware

If you find a first-generation model on the lot, check the features list for vital safety gear like anti-lock brakes, stability control, and traction control. In early model years, these anti-skid features were optional. Anti-lock brakes became standard in 2008. In 2009, traction control came standard with V6-powered Fusions. That same year, stability control became optional. When your used model has these features, you'll enjoy maximum security - and increased peace of mind - in stormy weather.