Used Ford Edge Buying Guide

Used Ford Edge Buying Guide

In your used Ford Edge, family-friendly road trips just got a lot more comfy - not to mention high-tech. These mid-size crossovers have head and leg room to spare, which means there's plenty of space for your kids to grow. On the road, the Edge keeps you plugged in with hands-free calling and navigation features. Newer models also appeal with increased power for a smoother, more capable performance. Check out our buying guide to learn more about how these models have changed over the years and what you can look for as you're shopping for a used Ford Edge.

Second Generation, 2011-2015


Comfort: Your Ford Edge is so spacious that there's no need for a three-row SUV. A family of five fits comfortably in the Edge, thanks to its roomy seats and plush, supportive cushioning.

Technology & Convenience: From 2016 and on, the Edge's Sync 3 infotainment system keeps you connected with hands-free calling and music streaming capabilities. Before that, the MyFord Touch system took on these tasks. It, too, includes a responsive touchscreen and voice controls, making it easy to find the feature you want.

Safety: Beginning in 2016, the Edge's rear view camera became standard equipment. These models help you spot any sharp obstacles in your path, so you can pull out of your driveway with total peace of mind. Throughout this generation, you'll also find Ford's Curve Control technology, which monitors speed carried into a corner and even slows the Edge to help you avoid an accident.

Performance: Your used Ford Edge balances smooth power with thrifty fuel economy. That's especially true if your used crossover sports one of Ford's EcoBoost engines. For example, the 2017 Ford Edge earns up to 21 city/29 highway mpg.

First Generation, 2007-2010


Comfort: As one of the few mid-size crossovers out there, these Edge models are also big on family-friendly passenger space. Inside, you'll enjoy cushy seating for up to five passengers.

Technology & Convenience: The Ford Sync voice controls mean safe access to infotainment features like navigation.

Safety: Across the board, the first-generation Edge includes standard anti-lock disc brakes and stability control features for greater driver precision and overall safety.

Performance: When it's time to get going, the original Edge feels as smooth and controlled as newer models. It also supplies a quiet ride, making your road trips feel like a luxury.

What Drivers Love about the Used Ford Edge

Because the Edge appeals to a wide range of drivers, they have a lot of great things to say about it. Some love its smooth, quiet ride - along with the fact that it's got plenty of power on tap. Tech junkies will tell you that the used Ford Edge delivers a lot of features for the money, including an infotainment system that's refreshingly easy to use.

What to Look for in Your Used Ford Edge

As you browse the used car lot, keep in mind that the Edge has changed a bit over its decade-long run. The very first Edge, released for the 2007 model year, didn't offer many modern features that you might want - such as a power liftgate, navigation system, and Ford Sync voice controls. If you want an Edge that maximizes luxury and puts a premium on passenger comfort, check out second-generation models first, because they aim to do exactly that.

Used Ford Edge Buyers Beware

Because all of these Edge models are pretty modern, there aren't any major red flags for used shoppers. You'll find important safety features, including antilock brakes and stability control, in all of these models. Of course, as a used shopper, you do of course want to consider a vehicle's overall mileage and current condition before you apply ink to any contracts.