• New Car Articles

    • 2018 Lincoln Continental

      The 2018 Lincoln Continental combines powerful performance and lively handling with an alluringly retro theme.

    • 2018 Lincoln MKZ

      Sedans have to be pretty good to make an impression with buyers right now, and the 2018 Lincoln MKZ is one of the best.

    • 2017 Lincoln Continental

      The 2017 Lincoln Continental is an iconic luxury sedan that delivers cutting-edge powertrains, upscale interior comfort, and modern technology. After a brief respite, the Lincoln Continental makes a big comeback splash with a spectacular array of safety features and driver aids. Inside, the Lincoln Continental is truly opulent, combining roomy passenger space with a smooth, quiet ride. Under the hood, the twin-turbo V6 engine is big on power, giving you full command of the highway.

    • 2017 Lincoln MKT

      The 2017 Lincoln MKT is the luxury brand's full-size crossover, on the market since 2010 and fitting above the midsize Lincoln MKX and below the Lincoln Navigator. A vehicle of this type and class has to have an attractive exterior with plenty of presence, a sumptuous interior, a suitable powerplant and no shortage whatsoever when it comes to features, equipment and technology in order to compete-does the 2017 Lincoln MKT meet the standard?

    • 2017 Lincoln MKZ

      The 2017 Lincoln MKZ is a mid-size luxury sedan that's known for its superb passenger comfort, upscale style, and high-tech features. The cabin is decked out in refinements, such as leather upholstery, to give you the star treatment. State-of-the-art gadgets give you the smartphone integration you crave. You can choose a hybrid powertrain, at no extra cost, or a twin turbocharged V6. Both deliver a silky smooth performance. Finally, when it comes to safety, the Lincoln MKZ has you covered.

    • 2016 Lincoln Continental

      The 2016 Lincoln Continental is the brand's flagship luxury sedan. Redesigned with a sleek, modern look and cutting-edge convenience features, the Lincoln Continental has returned from a 13-year absence in stunning style. This up-and-coming sedan impresses with its cavernous cabin and extravagant comfort. Under the hood, Lincoln's exclusive EcoBoost engine provides both substantial power and impressive fuel savings. Come in and test drive a Lincoln today!

    • 2016 Lincoln MKC

      The 2016 Lincoln MKC is a compact luxury crossover, in which you'll find upscale passenger accommodations, all the latest tech gear, and a strong performance. The cabin's plush, supportive seats keep you comfortable throughout your daily ride. Infotainment gadgets, including the all-new Sync 3 system, always keep you connected. Under the hood, the Lincoln MKC's turbocharged engines provide ample power and excellent fuel economy. Safety gear provides modern protection. Test drive a Lincoln today!

    • 2016 Lincoln MKS

      The 2016 Lincoln MKS is a luxury sedan that provides a spacious cabin, an excellent balance of power and fuel economy, and an abundance of modern convenience features. Its all-wheel drive comes in handy in wet or wintery weather. No matter where you choose to sit, you can expect plush support and an abundance of passenger space. The Lincoln MKS offers both an excellent around-town commute and lengthy road trip experience.

    • 2016 Lincoln MKT

      The 2016 Lincoln MKT is a large luxury crossover wagon that treats you to three rows of passenger space, high-tech convenience features and a powerful, fuel-efficient ride. Inside, the cabin is roomy and quiet, offering the perfect place for your daily commute. You'll also enjoy the latest infotainment options, thanks in part to the all-new Sync 3 system. When you cruise around town, the Lincoln MKT treats you to a smooth, comfortable ride.

    • 2016 Lincoln MKZ

      The 2016 Lincoln MKZ is a mid-size luxury sedan that delivers premium passenger space, modern fuel economy, and upscale style. On the road, the Lincoln MKZ impresses with its streamlined performance and excellent ride and handling capabilities. Inside, the cabin is clean-cut and contemporary, featuring a wide range of high-tech infotainment options. The Lincoln MKZ provides prime safety gear to maximize passenger protection.

  • New Suv Articles

    • 2018 Lincoln MKC

      Being termed a good all-around SUV might sound like fairly mundane praise, but in a crossover as stylish as the 2018 Lincoln MKC, that praise is just the icing on the cake.

    • 2018 Lincoln MKT

      The 2018 Lincoln MKT isn't a do-it-all family vehicle, but if you're looking for something to haul plenty of passengers in limousine comfort and luxury, few do it anywhere near as well as the Lincoln MKT, especially for the price.

    • 2018 Lincoln MKX

      The 2018 Lincoln MKX is a midsize luxury crossover with an athletic feel and classy interior, with a price that makes it a more affordable alternative to the usual luxury suspects.

    • 2018 Lincoln Navigator

      While you won't find as many full-size luxury SUVs on the market these days as their crossover cousins, the few that are left are most definitely the mighty SUV contenders. Competition is hot between them, and the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is an all-new model looking to dominate the market. Once the go-to large luxury SUV, the Lincoln Navigator is ready to take back its crown--but will it?

    • 2017 Lincoln MKC

      The 2017 Lincoln MKC is a luxury compact SUV that provides upscale comfort and style, serious safety features, and all the latest technology. The cabin, where you'll find handsome leather upholstery and trim, is certainly one of the Lincoln MKC's main attractions. As you travel around town with your family, you'll appreciate Lincoln's innovative safety aids, which actively help you avoid danger. Under the hood, the Lincoln MKC is big on power for a smooth, refined ride.

    • 2017 Lincoln MKX

      The 2017 Lincoln MKX is a premium mid-size crossover with a well-deserved reputation for interior luxury, high-tech safety, and a smooth, quiet ride. Inside, there's plenty of space for the entire family. Infotainment features, like the central Sync 3 system, offer a strong connection to the outside world. With its advanced safety technology, the Lincoln MKX maintains high levels of passenger protection. These crossovers are also big on performance, providing a smooth, swift ride in any setting.

    • 2017 Lincoln Navigator

      The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is a full-size luxury SUV that's known for its generous passenger space, upscale comfort, and impressive utility. With space for up to eight passengers, the Lincoln Navigator is an excellent choice for your family road trips. This SUV is also big on refinement, supplying features like leather upholstery and heated seats. High-tech safety and infotainment gear helps you make the most of your ride. The Lincoln Navigator also offers serious power and impressive towing capabilities.

    • 2016 Lincoln MKX vs 2010 MKX

      If you're shopping for a Lincoln MKX, you've obviously got a taste for the finer things. This mid-size luxury crossover SUV certainly delivers the goods, with all the latest tech gear, turbocharged power, and a smooth, upscale ride. As you browse your options, you might find yourself wondering whether it's better to buy new or used. That's why we've created this side-by-side comparison, where we go over some of the biggest differences between the used 2010 and the new 2016 Lincoln MKX.

    • 2016 Lincoln MKX

      The 2016 Lincoln MKX is a luxury mid-size crossover that's big on passenger comfort, fuel-efficient performance, and modern technology. On the road, this spacious crossover catches eyes with its sleek, sophisticated exterior. The engine is strong and capable, delivering a world-class ride. Cutting-edge infotainment features provide smartphone integration and helpful apps like navigation. Advanced safety features put your mind to ease as you cruise the highway. Come in and test drive a Lincoln today!

    • 2016 Lincoln MKX vs 2012 MKX

      We can see why you've got your eye on the Lincoln MKX. This mid-size luxury crossover SUV delivers smooth sailing with its powerful engine lineup. It's also stocked with every imaginable luxury feature to help you make the most out of your daily commute. Still, you might be wondering whether it's better to buy a new or used Lincoln MKX. We've created this comparison guide to help you make the best decision for you. Check it out before you buy! We highlight some major differences between the used 2012 and the new 2016 Lincoln MKX.

    • 2016 Lincoln Navigator

      The 2016 Lincoln Navigator is a handsome luxury SUV that delivers a spacious cabin, refined power, and upscale comfort and convenience features. All three rows of seating are adult-friendly, making the Lincoln Navigator a great option for socialites and big families. High-tech features provide all the latest in infotainment and passenger protection options. On the road, the Lincoln Navigator is swift and smooth, with towing power to spare.