2017 Lincoln MKT vs Audi Q7

The 2017 Lincoln MKT and the Audi Q7 represent everything you crave in a luxury SUV - three rows of premium space, an abundance of standard features, and turbocharged power. Deciding between the two can be complicated, but our comparison guide should help you figure things out. Check it out before you bring home your next luxury SUV.

2017 Lincoln MKT vs Audi Q7


When we lined these models up side-by-side, the 2017 Lincoln MKT really impressed us with its upscale style and interior finesse. Outside, this SUV's smooth contours and imposing grille are complimented by modern flourishes like xenon headlights (which also do an excellent job of lighting the road at night). Inside, the Lincoln MKT supplies even more style, with striking leather upholstery in every model.

The Audi Q7 certainly provides a serenely quiet cabin, which creates the perfect space to cozy up for a long ride. However, the Q7 doesn't provide as much cargo capacity as what you'll find in the Lincoln MKT. Its 14.8 cubic feet might be enough for some, but the Lincoln MKT's 17.9 cubes are more appealing for families who like to take frequent trips out of town.

Standard Equipment

Lincoln has a treat in store for shoppers - no matter which 2017 Lincoln MKT model is speaking your language, you'll enjoy a rich store of comfort and convenience features. The heated and ventilated front seats are among our favorite of these; they provide supple contours as well as the perfect temperature in any season. We're also big fans of the tri-zone automatic climate control, which does an excellent job of maintaining multiple comfort levels for different passengers.

The Audi Q7 also gives buyers the luxury treatment. Like the Lincoln MKT, it comes with a rearview camera designed to help you spot any wayward objects in your driveway. Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair your smartphone to the central system. Unfortunately, you have to pay extra for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology, which displays smartphone features directly on your central touchscreen. With the Lincoln MKT, this is standard equipment.


To keep your family protected, choose the Lincoln MKT. Driver aids do a superb job of tracking and highlighting on-road danger. The lane departure system can even intervene to keep you in between the proper white lines. And did we mention that the Lincoln MKT's automated parallel-parking assist system gets you in and out of tight spaces without sacrificing your paint job to the car next to you?

The Audi Q7 is also designed to keep you safe when disaster strikes. Like the Lincoln MKT, it professes a range of innovative airbags, including full-length side-curtain airbags, to protect passengers from impact. The Q7's brakes supply a strong performance, with short panic-stop distances for this segment.

Fuel Economy

The Q7 will save you a bit of money at the pump, depending on which powertrain option is at the top of your wish list. It earns up to 20 city/25 highway mpg, despite churning out substantial power for luxury-level speed.

The Lincoln MKT may not earn quite as much - with EPA ratings of up to 16/24 mpg - but it supplies the speed and utility you crave from a luxury SUV. The Lincoln MKT tows up to 4,500 pounds, and toting your favorite toys into the great outdoors will quickly become a favorite weekend activity.

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2017 Lincoln MKT vs Audi Q7

While the Audi Q7 has a certain appeal, the 2017 Lincoln MKT is our overall pick. Whether you're cruising across state lines for a family getaway or making your way around town in rush-hour traffic, the Lincoln MKT offers plenty of luxury for the road. In addition to its streamlined exterior, the cabin delivers excellent fit and finish. The Lincoln MKT's plush leather seating even makes traffic jams seem less bothersome. Tech features, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, provide an integrated experience, keeping you connected. Lincoln MKT safety items, like lane-departure warning, come in handy on days where you find yourself distracted by life in general.